dear WWW

August 12, 2011

Dear WWW,

It has been several hours of meta carpal tightening web work.. Basically an endless stream of frustrations solved by google questions such as “Best way to position a repeat X tiling background image” and “how to transfer domains from blue razor to godaddy”..

After such a long bleak period of sitting behind the computer one could imagine a developer could get lonely…

That is why I now invent reasons to call the Godaddy late night support girl..

“Excuse me, Cindy- may I call you Cindy?” ummmmm… “I”m not quite sure how to activate my free email account, again.”

She is always so kind when asking for my Customer support code and has the sweetest tone of voice when asking for my pin..

I’ve added her number to my phone as the “Godaddy late night loneliness hotline”

My favorite part is at the end of the call when she asks “Is there anything else I can help you with” then lets the tense silence linger on as we both think of an innumerable number of very sexual answers…

If only this call wasn’t being recorded for quality assurance..



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