Gallant Pervert

October 9, 2012

Muscles pulsing, testosterone still pumping, and half erect I walk down main street with her by my side. Ultimate confidence accompanies my chaos-ed hair and lazy style. She wears a debonair coat and the panties of a whore. There is no one I would rather have, and I want her again. I order an ice brew and sit and stare at her. There are no words to say. We see memories. The beat of quick breathes, the abstract art of bodies intertwined, and the looks that lead us there. I lust into her eyes, they are mirrors, but a vibrant blue. Is there a better elegance than being one with someone who is worth the combination? A worthy adversary and addition to your being. No, there is not. And when I stare into her eyes, I see myself, only blue, a vibrant blue; and in what vibrant blue world are thou not euphoric. That is when elegance turns to elegánce. Snap a portrait, instagram, likes, total validation in vanity.

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