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September 14, 2012

As I held up 3 fingers, she signaled 4. Intriguing because I could only see 3 piercings; and her black laced panties were the only thing not on the floor and still semi-employed.

Cheap black lace.

By intriguing, I meant surprised.

And by surprised, I meant half disgusted, but too committed to leave and delete everything about our 2 hour relationship. This is when I sold myself on the idea of a robust life experience.

I tend to sell myself things.

Especially when my ex posts slutty photos on her public instagram for double taps. Stripping for likes, not even money.

So I tasted the 4th and met some chocolate syrup on the way. Surprised that it was more fun guessing than knowing. JJ Abrams could have told me that; but what is the point of listening when you can figure it out on a tight rope.

No one likes seeing someone else ride their favorite bike.

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