August 12, 2011

Short breathes and short thoughts were all that Baron could take after last night.

Blah, details, blah, action, blah blah, blah blah blah.

This story isn’t about Baron, his cultured lung cancer, or his imminent dementia. Its about a tiny little man.

Your ringtone is 3 decibels too loud for this tax office on a normal day papi. Fuck you and your flip phone that magically includes everyone around you in the conversation.

Unit 1502, one miami condo, ocean views, 2 mortgages, 21 liens, certificate of death, low-fi version of the lion king soundtrack

Again, it rings. Again the tiny little midget dances to your tone, swinging wildly his little tiny baseball bat that he holds with his little tiny hands, complimenting his tiny little swing. Tiny little details

Its not you, its the way you’re not tiny or little when you are in something that is tinier and littler.

But this isn’t about you either big man, this is a love story.

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