his favorite pants

August 12, 2011

“I dropped my groceries and walked to the bathroom, to find him hiding in the shower, with a knife”

Click “because they raised $12 thousand they were allowed to take pictures with the brothers”

Click “they are thicker on the left than on the right, it has gotten progressively worse”

patient:522220789 south miami hospital

In the past week only 3 things bothered jean paul:

A 4-foot snake with a curled tail casually crossing the sidewalk, disapearing into the shrub

His secret undeniable affinity towards nightlife phtotography

The feeling of his skin after taking three showers and one extended jacuzzi session

Butnonefthesecomparedtothetormentof lucila

“smoke or drink?”
“why do you do this”
“because it makes my life better”
“yea, talk to me after you lose a lung”
“you got it boss”
“take this pill twice a day”

JP met lucila when she tried on his favorite grey jeans and became jealous when they were a few sizes too large


Was all it took for JP’s leg to throb


Soon became a growing fortress housing an army that slowly conquered the highway of blood that led to his heart


Ended JP’s life, or maybe it was hisfavoritepants

Suck it lucila


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